CENTA offers complete fire protection

Centa locally manufactures a range of portable fire equipment and supplies a range of products including fire systems, specialised fire products and fire fighting foam.

We offer a specialised programme for National Maintenance Contracts which enables clients to log into their profile using the internet in order to access information on their fire equipment at various sites.

CENTA is a leading manufacturer and supplier of quality, SABS approved fire extinguishers, fire fighting powder, hose reels and hoses, cabinets and signage. We also supply a range of trolley units, accessories, spares and fittings in addition to our corrosion proofed hose reels and fire extinguishers.

CENTA Technicians are registered with the SAQCC D&GS to install Electronic Fire Detection and Gas Suppression systems. We specialise in providing our clients with turnkey solutions specific to any environment from design layout, installation to maintenance. Other areas of expertise include water systems (sprinklers and water reticulation), kitchen system, passive fire protection (fire doors and fire retardents) and room integrity testing.

CENTA understands that not all environments are the same and therefore have manufactured a specialised range of fire extinguishers specific to environments where the risk of fire is high. We also supply fire protective gear.

CENTA supplies a range of environmentally friendly, fluorine FREE foams that are internationally approved (UL & EN). Our foams can be applied to hydrocarbon and polar solvent fires and have a shelf life of up to 25 years.