Which fire extinguisher should you choose?

In an emergency, a CENTA fire extinguisher will save lives and protect property. Although most fire extinguishers look the same on the outside, what's inside is critical ...

Do you know what's inside your fire extinguisher?

General purpose (ABC) fire fighting powder in the fire extinguisher contains mono ammonium phosphate (MAP) and ammonium sulphate (AS), plus silicates and filler material. AS is extremely important as it lowers the melting point of MAP thus making MAP a very effective fire fighting medium. Cutting down on the amount of AS in a fire fighting powder, or removing it altogether, reduces a fire fighting powders effectiveness. Reducing the amount of AS in fire fighting powders is often used as a means of reducing selling prices.

Understanding fire ratings

Fire ratings are indicated on the label of an extinguisher. Do not accept an extinguisher that does not have a fire rating displayed.
The fire rating consists of a number followed by 'A' if the fire extinguisher is suitable for putting out A-class fires (flammable solids, e.g. wood, fabrics, etc) or 'B' for putting out B-class fires (flammable liquids, e.g. cooking oil, petrol, etc).
The higher the number, the larger the fire it can put out. So an extinguisher with a 55A rating is far better than an extinguisher with 3A rating. An extinguisher with a 233B rating is far better than an extinguisher with an 8B rating.

CENTA Fire Extinguishers

1kg Standard

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1kg Black Dome

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1.5kg Standard

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1.5kg Black Dome

1.5kg Black Dome

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2.5kg Standard

2.5kg Standard

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4.5kg Standard

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6kg Standard

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9kg Standard

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9L Foam

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9L water

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12kg Standard

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1kg Stainless Steel

1.5kg Stainless Steel

6kg Stainless Steel

9kg Stainless Steel

9L Water Stainless Steel

9L AFFF Foam Stainless Steel


2Kg Aluminium

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2Kg Light Alloy

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3.5Kg Aluminium

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5Kg Light Alloy

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5Kg Aluminium

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D-class Fire Extinguisher

Designed for burning metals, these extinguishers have a robust cylinder and special salt shaker applicator designed to extinguish fires that burn at high temperatures. The medium, Sodium Chloride, gives off no harmful by products.

F-class Fire Extinguisher

Ideal for restaurants and canteens, these fire extinguishers have potassium salts to cool and extinguish cooking oil/fat fires that burn at 350ºC. Biodegradable and non toxic with a neutral pH, harmless to food and appliances.

High Performance Water Additive Extinguisher

For A & B class fires (burning paper, wood, textiles & flamable/combustible liquids, these fire extinguishers have rubber lined cylinders with fracturenating nozzles specifically designed to provide optimum fire fighting capability.

High Performance Fire Extinguisher

Designed for robust environments, the cylinder material is thicker and includes stainless steel fittings, rubber discharge hose and a high performance discharge nozzle. The extinguisher is filled with Purple K Powder.

Corrosion proofed fire extinguisher

Ideal for coastal areas, mines, sulphur plants, etc, this extinguisher has a corrosion proofed cylinder with stainless steel fittings which pass 1500 salt spray hours (the standard is 500 hours). This extinguisher can be filled with any CENTA powder or liquid medium.

High Performance Vehicle Extinguisher

 For the transport industry, these extinguishers contain Inilam A (Wet Chemical) specifically for rubber tyre, engine and fuel fires. The cylinder is made from a thicker material with the option of corrosion proofing.

Bursting Disc Nuts

Safety Pin

Red Plastic Tie


Plunger Spring

Handle Sets

Syphon Tube Holder

Syphon Tubes

35mm Wall Brackets

70mm Wall Brackets

J Brackets

Plastic Brackets

Black Pins (Card of 50)

Yellow Security Seals

2kg CO2 Cup Horn

5kg CO2 Hose & Horn

Steel CO2 Valve

Alu CO2 Valve


Small Handle Sentinel Valve

Large Handle Sentinel Valve

CO2 Washers

Bursting Discs

Relief Spring and Cap

Lead Seals