Bus Suppression System

CENTA Bus Fire Suppression System is an efficient modern fire protection solution specifically designed for commercial buses. It provides comprehensive fire protection to the millions of people who use public transport everyday.

Many bus fires originate in either the engine or battery compartments, which are usually out of the driver’s sight. It is therefore difficult for the driver to notice a fire if it occurs, which results in a slow response time. The Bus Suppression Systems use a unique detection technology, that is highly immune to false alarms while ensuring quick automatic activation of the extinguishing unit in case of a fire.

Features: Bus engine fire protection system

  • Delta detector
  • Suppression agent & nozzles
  • Command and Control

Bus battery compartment fire protection system
  • Fire detector
  • Suppression agent & nozzles
  • Command and Control

  1. Fast Detection - the DELTA detector registers a dramatic rise in temperature, it automatically triggers the system activation.
  2. Efficient Extinguishing Action - utilizes dry powder to suppress fires and prevent re-ignition.
  3. Easy Installation - durable, flexible, stainless steel tubing can be routed to monitor long distances or tight spaces.
  4. Driver Alert - Automatic “Pre Alarm” and “Fire Alarm” alerts to drivers dashboard warning him of the fire even before he can see it – allowing manual system activation.
  5. User friendly - the system requires minimal maintenance.
  6. Reliable - low risk of false alarms.
  7. Robust - high tolerance to harsh conditions such as dust and dirt.