Electronic Fire Detection

Installation and maintenance of electronic fire detection systems can ONLY be done by an accredited SAQCC-Fire D&GS Registered Technician.

More and more insurance companies are insisting that fire detection systems are installed in large buildings. These send a signal which releases the necessary fire extinguishing medium and sounds the alarm.

Two types of Fire Detection Systems:

Addressable Systems
Consists of a series of fire detectors and devices connected to a main control panel.  Each device has a location so when a fire starts the detector that is triggered will enable the source of the fire to be quickly identified. Suited to:  Commercial or large buildings where the premises is spread over a wide area.

Conventional Systems
This system differentiates between zones and in the event of a fire will advise you of the fire source in a particular zone. Suited to: Smaller buildings where zones can be easily identified.

CENTA has a team of electronic technicians, registered with SAQCC-Fire D&GS, who are properly qualified to install new systems and maintain existing ones. We will quote, design the layout and install the right system for your needs.

We are suppliers of the VESDA Range of early warning smoke detection systems, suitable for private and public buildings and the industrial sector.

Electronic Fire Detection


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