Fire suppression systems

An automatic fire extinguishing systems that uses inert gases and chemical agents to extinguish a fire without human intervention.

CENTA’s team of specialists are experienced in a range of Fire Suppression Systems.  We provide guidance and advise on the types of systems best suited to your environment and can implement from the design layout, installation and maintenance.

CENTA technicians are registered with SAQCC-Fire D&GS to install and service Gas Suppression Systems.

Gas Suppression System leaves no residue and is designed to protect enclosures which require a quick reaction to extinguishing a fire.

Types of gases used include:  FM200, HFC’s, Pyroshield, C02, Inergen and Novac.

Best Suited to:  Server and computer rooms, libraries, museums, public buildings and the industrial sector.

CENTA’s Room Intergrity Testing is a recommended procedure in lieu of a discharge test of clean agent fire suppression systems to give you peace of mind knowing that the fire suppression system will hold the concentration of agent as designed.  The integrity tester measures the size of the holes in the room and the pressure that may exist across them.

For an idea of the type of equipment available and how it works, please view the Stat-X Fire Suppression video alongside.

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1Kg Ceiling Unit

1.5Kg Ceiling Unit

2.5Kg Ceiling Unit

4.5Kg Ceiling Unit

9Kg Ceiling Unit

1.5Kg Profire Unit

2.5Kg Profire Unit

4.5Kg Profire Unit

9Kg Profire Unit


3M Novec 1230

FM200 System