Kitchen System

Kitchens are in high danger to the possibility of fire outbreaks due to the auto ignition nature of oils and fats used, or given off, during the cooking process.

CENTA GROUP Kitchen systems are UL approved and designed to meet the needs of kitchen areas typically found in hotels, restaurants and public institutions.

The CENTA kitchen system must be installed by ‘Levahot’ trained and certified CENTA technicians.

  • 1. Automatic Fusible Link Fire Detection. The fusible link seperates in a fire condition, activating the discharge valve.
  • 2. Sprinklers are arranged to offer maximum coverage of all installations.
  • 3. Heat Detectors installed within the fume hood are triggered only during fire. Temperature detection level can be custom suited.
  • 4. Fully-mechanical suppression system.  The system distributes the extinguishing agents over all protected areas and interrupts the supply of gas or electricity.
  • 5. Liquid Potassium Salt is used to extinguish cooking fires. Upon contact with hot oil, the liquid foam cools the hot oil and prevents oxygen from reaching the fire.
  • 6. Manual Pull Station. The system also has a manual override.
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F-class Fire Extinguisher Specialised fire extinguisher uses potassium salts to cool and extinguish cooking oil/fat fires. Biodegradable and non toxic with a neutral pH, harmless to food and appliances.

Fire Blanket (various sizes)