RASCO flex Flexible Sprinkler Drops

RASCOFLEX from Reliable is the flexible sprinkler system which sets new standards for simplicity.
The innovative design of RASCOFLEX easily positions the sprinkler in the centre of the ceiling  tile at the correct height to significantly reduce installation times. This incredibly efficient system is available in 5 different lengths, two different reducers and two outlet nipples.

RASCO Flexible
Sprinkler Drops


  • Extended length outlet (135mm) and end brackets as standard allowing for installation of pendent and concealed sprinklers with the same system.
  • Additional height also allows for easy installation and removal of the ceiling tile.
  • Wing nuts on all screws for ease of installation.
  • No cutting, No welding, No threading.
  • No oil, No grease, No mess.
  • Easy to move for layout changes.
  • Available in braided and unbraided.

Product Specifications:

  • Braided: FM, LPCB & VdS Approved , UL Listed
  • Unbraided: UL Listed LPCB Approved
  • Lengths: 700mm 1000mm 1200mm 1500mm 1800mm
  • Inlet sizes: 25mm & 32mm
  • Outlet sizes: 15mm & 20mm

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