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Specialised Fire Products

CENTA has been a leading force in the fire protection industry for more than 20 years.  We understand the importance of fire protection in ‘high risk’ environments and designed and manufacturer a specialised range of portable fire protection products, EXCLUSIVE to CENTA GROUP.

Our range of high performance specialised fire extinguishers are individually designed to suit the needs of various environments, and our corrosion proofed hose reel is designed for areas of high corrosion.

We also supply a range of fire protection gear consisting of a Aluminized Suits and Bunker Suits.

D-class Fire Extinguisher 

 Suited to metallic fires. The special ‘salt shaker’ applicator is important in extinguishing fires that burn at higher temperatures. Sodium Chloride is used as the medium.

F-class Fire Extinguisher 

Suited to cooking oil / fat fires. Potassium Salts are used as a base to cool and extinguish oil fires that burn at 350ºC. This medium is biodegradable and non-toxic with a neutral pH, and is not harmful to food and appliances.

HW Fire Extinguisher 

High Performance Water Additive Extinguishers. Suitable for cinemas, laboratories and shopping centres. Designed for their highly effective fire fighting ability, ease of use and mess free ability.

HP Fire Extinguisher  

Suitable for Petrochemical Industries and mines. Durable for robust environments. Cylinders are made of thicker material and include stainless steel fittings, rubber discharge hose, high performance. Nozzle and large stainless steel handles. Filled with Purple K powder.


HS Fire Extinguisher 

  Corrosion Proofed Extinguishers. Suitable for high corrosion areas - coastal, mines, sulphur plants . Cylinders are protected against corrosion, fittings are stainless steel and the powder coating passes. 1500 salt spray hours compared to the standard 500 hours.

HV Fire Extinguisher 

  Suitable for transport vehicles, and fuel type fires. Inilam A is the specialised medium used. It is highly effective water additive product with excellent properties in combating rubber tyre, engine and fuel type fires. Fracturenating dispersion nozzle ensures an accurate distribution of the medium and ease of use.

Corrosion proof hose reel

Corrosion proofed. Robust and resistant. Rust resistant alternative to stainless steel hose reels. Salt spray hours ability of well over 3000 hours.

Bunker Suit

Non flammable due to it’s chemical structure and will remain physically intact upon flame exposure. Offers permanent protection with a high degree of comfort. Provides protection from radiant heat, hot steam, water, hot ash and flash flames. Consists of a tunic and trousers which are made up of an outer shell, vapour barrier, thermal barrier and lining. The suit includes a fire resistant trim

Protective Boots

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