Sprinkler Systems


Reliable’s valve range comprises of dry pipe valves, low-pressure dry pipe valves, deluge valves and wet alarm valves, all available with a choice of trim to suit each approval and regional requirements.

E/E3 Wet Alarm Valve
UL, FM, LPCB & VdS approvals

The E/E3 valve is made expressly for all wet-pipe sprinkler systems. Available with either groove, groove x flange or flange end connections. Specific trims are available to suit individual approval and regional requirements: UL, FM, LPCB and VdS.

DDX Deluge Valve
UL, FM, LPCB & VdS approvals

The DDX valve by Reliable is a versatile valve that can be suited to nine different systems: electric deluge, wet pilot deluge, dry pilot deluge, wet pilot single interlock preaction system, dry pilot single interlock preaction system, electric single interlock preaction system, type D double interlock preaction system, type F double interlock preaction system and low pressure dry pipe system. The DDX valve is also available in 316 Stainless Steel to resist corrosion.

DDV Diaphragm Deluge Valve
UL & FM Approvals

From industrial to high risk special hazards, with integral trim ports and remote reset. Utilising a Kevlar reinforced hemispherical rubber diaphragm to hold back water when the valve is in stand-by mode, specially designed for a high level of endurance.

Preaction Systems
UL, FM, LPCB & VdS approvals

A preaction system is a sprinkler system that utilises closed sprinklers connected to a water supply through a deluge valve trimmed for preaction operation.

Fully activated by either a signal from a detection system or from loss of pneumatic pressure.

Wet, Dry or Electric actuation single interlock types.

Pneumatic/electric or electric/electric actuation double interlock types.

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